DAYTIME EVENTS (10am -6pm)

  • Sponsored raffle routes (10am – 5pm)
  • Lead Climbing Final (pm – 4.30pm)
  • Speed Climb (2.30pm – 4.00pm)
  • Speed Climb Final (4.00pm)
  • Mongoose Clip Stick – six draw showdown (1pm – 4pm)
  • Pongoose Clip Stick Final (4.30pm)
  • Vertigo traverse (4pm – 8pm)
  • Hug a fridge! (all day)
  • Partner bouldering challenge (all day)
  • Smirf Traverse (all day)
  • Fig 4 routes (all day)


UV BLACK OUT EVENT (6pm – 8pm)
The whole centre including Vertigo Traverse
Remember to put your flourescent clothes on and bring some UV paint and glow sticks!

PARTY TILL LATE (8pm – 1am)
Great music and licensed bar