Redpoint Climbing Scheme

Redpoint have created this logbook scheme (RCS) to provide structured development in physical climbing abilities alongside technical skills in rope-work and climbing equipment.

Delivered by qualified and accredited instructors, the scheme is designed to enable young and novice climbers to develop their skills and track their progress at their own pace and level in all aspects of the exciting sport of rock climbing.

Developed to meet the requirements of GCSE syllabi, the scheme can also be used as a record of achievement for D of E and other awards.

The scheme consists of 7 Levels with additional bolt-on modules. Progress the scheme will depend not only on ability but also on physical and emotional maturity.

Outdoor courses (Peak District)

The Peak District has so much amazing climbing on its many gritstone edges making it an ideal place for beginner and advanced climbers alike. It has a massive number of climbs to choose from on rock that is renowned for its frition, all within a short distance from the road.


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