Our bouldering centre offers a superb bouldering experience. Most of our walls are around 3.5m high with thick crashmats below, so you can push your limits without getting too high! (Remember the safest way to the floor is to always climb down)

Over 200 bouldering problems have been organised into graded circuits using Fontainebleau bouldering grades to provide something for everyone.

We have crammed in all the angles and shapes Redpoint regulars have come to expect with steep roofs upto 8.0m long, pebbly slabs, overhanging prows, corners and grooves galore.

We also have a great endurance training board and a training room fitted with the ever popular beastmaker fingerboards, peg board and a notorious campus board.

A big up for our in house route setters for being so imaginative and working so hard to give us fresh problems to try all the time.

Bouldering at Redpoint
Inexperienced boulderers require an induction
Bouldering entry just £8 p/p all day!
Annual membership required £4
Extras £3 for shoe hire.
£ 8 / person
Prefer an instructed session?
£ 56 / for upto 4 people
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Give it a try!

Bouldering is an accessible, fun and exciting challenge for everyone! You don’t need expensive gear or any previous climbing experience to get started. All you need is yourself, the wall, and a pair of shoes.
It consists of low level climbing with thick crashmats to soften your fall if it all goes wrong!

Great for Fitness

Bouldering is a great physical workout, using muscles all over your body  (not just your arms), including core strength and flexibility. But unlike some other forms of exercise, it's so much fun you might not notice that you've had a big workout - until the next day!

Wonderful social scene

You’ll make friends along the way. Boulderers are a friendly bunch and you'll often find them sharing tips or trying the same problems together.  It’s a great way to meet like-minded and active people.


Featuring vertical walls, corners, grooves, an overhanging prow for practicing those heel hooks and some pebbly slabs for working on your balance. There is even a 100m traverse around all the rooms to help with your stamina training.

The Bunker

Our basement bouldering area features an 8m endurance board which overhangs between 15 degrees and 57 degrees, a roof that extends for 40ft! and a great warm up traverse on the back wall.

Training Room

A fully kitted out training room containing Beastmaker fingerboards, campus boards, chin up bars and anything else which can cause short term pain for long term gain.



This is a smaller bouldering area that is normally just used on our group sessions. However if you have a youngster and the centre is quiet just ask us at reception and we're more than happy for you to use this area.