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What is climbing?

Nowadays most people start their passion for climbing at an indoor climbing wall. Climbers are attracted to indoor walls because they offer a comfortable place to climb, practice and train.

Today's climbing wall offers lots of individual climbing routes created from artificial handholds and footholds that are bolted to vertical and overhanging walls.

The aim is to ascend a climb using only the designated coloured holds. Choosing the correct sequence of holds and reaching the top provides an unbeatable physical, mental workout that is exciting and fun.

Redpoint offers a combination of top ropes, lead-climbing routes and boulder problems to suit climbers of all ages, abilities and interests.

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Frequently asked questions

Do I need to register?

Yes everyone needs to register annually. It's amazing value at just £3.50

Can I hire equipment?

Yes. Pricing below

  • Harness £3.00
  • Shoes £3.00
  • Belay plate £1.50

Please note that ropes are in position for top roping but not for leading. We do not hire lead climbing ropes. All lead routes are equipped with quickdraw.

What length of rope do I need for leading?

Minimum 30m

Am I allowed to spectate friends / family

Spectators must stay in the viewing areas and not enter the climbing areas unless they have signed our spectators consent form to say they understand the rules and risks at Redpoint Climbing Centre. The spectator consent form is available at reception.

Frequently asked questions

Can I supervise a novice?

Experienced climbers often like to introduce friends to climbing, which we accept, but we also recognise that there are inherent risks. We therefore have a clear policy to minimise these risks:

  • Registered adult climbers may sign in no more than two novices at a time.
  • You must have parental consent if you are bringing an under 16 that is not your own child.
  • By signing in a novice, you are accepting responsibility for the full and constant supervision of that person while on the premises.
  • We specifically warn that if you wish to teach a novice to belay you ensure that it is done to current best practice and you always back up the brake rope.
  • The novice will require a belay test before they are allowed to belay anyone independently at Redpoint.
  • For anyone wanting to learn to belay we would recommend our Learn to Climb course.

Is there a cafe?

Yes we probably have the best value cuppas and cakes in Birmingham, along with a variety of snacks.
We don't currently have a full cafe running so no hot food i'm afraid.