Top Roping and Leading

To climb unsupervised you must be able to:-

  • put on a harness
  • tie in using a figure eight or bowline knot
  • belay someone safely using a belay device

If you don't know how to do this, you can come in with a friend as a novice climber.

  • Your supervisor must be a registered roped climber at Redpoint
  • You will only be able to climb under their supervision
  • Alternatively, book onto one of our learn to climb courses and you'll be handling the ropes in no time


You don’t need to be an experienced climber to enjoy the bouldering at Redpoint

  • If your an experienced boulderer you just need to fill out a registration form
  • If you’re not experienced you’ll need a bouldering safety induction before you complete the registration form
  • You can also book onto our one of our bouldering course to learn how to boulder safely and make the most of the bouldering we offer
  • Please note that the bouldering only registration will not allow you to use the roped climbing areas or supervise novice climbers


  • All users must understand the method of attachment and show a member of staff that they are competent at fitting their own harness and attaching themselves to the system prior to climbing
  • The webbing will automatically retract as the climber climbs
  • Prior to climbing the user must sign to say they are aware of, and completely understand the safety precautions for using the Auto Belay
  • Any under 18 users of the TruBlue must be supervised by a competent adult or instructor

Novice supervision

  • Registered adult (over 18) roped climbers may supervise up to two novice climbers.
  • If you are supervising a minor you must have permission from their parent or guardian to supervise them.
  • Novice climbers may not climb in the centre unless their supervisor is with them.
  • Climbers registered for bouldering only may not supervise other climbers (including minors).

Redpoint registration

  • Everyone wishing to climb in the centre must complete a registration form
  • Either the Unsupervised Climber Registration or the Novice Supervision Form.
  • You will need to complete a new form every three years to ensure that you have read our most up to date conditions of use and rules and that the details we hold for you are current.
  • You may not top-rope or lead if you have a bouldering only registration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have lockers?

Yes just swop your membership card for a key.

Do you have bike storage?

Yes we have indoor bike storage. Please remember your lock.

Do you have changing facilities?

Yes they are located upstairs past the lockers.

Do you have showers?

Sorry no not at the moment.

Can I hire equipment?

Yes pricing below

Harness - £3
Shoes - £3
Belay Plate - £1.50