Climbing is simply the Joy of Movement!

Indoor climbing is a really fun way to exercise, that tests your strength, endurance, agility and balance along with mental control.

All the positive things that people associate with going to the gym are just beneficial side effects of having a great time climbing.

It's so much fun you might not realise you've had a brilliant workout until the next day!


Roped Climbing

For many this is the best form of climbing as there is all the fun of climbing movement with the added exhilaration of being high up!

We have hundreds of colour coded routes at Redpoint up to 12m high. You can climb the walls using all the holds but once you’ve mastered that you’ll want to challenge yourself by climbing a designated route using only a certain colour hold for your hands and feet. You are generally allowed to use the natural features of the wall (edges, corners, cracks, volumes) unless otherwise stated on the route board at the bottom of the route.

Roped climbing requires you to be able to belay which is the act of holding the rope to protect the climber. Belaying is a very important skill which should be taken seriuosly and it is essential that you understand and are fully competent in the correct techniques to manage the risks involved.

Hence all beginners are required to have instruction from our instructors or be supervised by a competent Redpoint member.


Bouldering is low level climbing without ropes above a soft landing to help prevent injury from falling.

A bouldering problem consists of linking colour coded holds between a start and finishing point. Every problem has it's own solution which isn't necessarily the same for everyone depending on your height, shape, strength, flexibility etc The fun of bouldering is to unlock this solution which may mean you have to refine your technique or train to get stronger before the problem magically unveils itself!

In our bouldering centre you can follow circuits of different problems that are colour coded at a level of difficulty to suit your ability.

Bouldering can be a very social activity working on problems with a group of old or new found friends, but also has the distinct advantage of not needing a climbing partner, allowing you to climb whenever you want.