Latest update 29/11/2021

The safety of our staff and our customers has always been our absolute priority and we are really grateful to all of our customers who have cooperated with us so far to protect us all.

The climbing wall industry has provided a COVID safe environment for all our customers throughout the pandemic and
we continue to so, with your help.


If you have any questions or would like to discuss this with us please feel free to chat to any of our staff.

Health Declaration
attend if you or anyone else in your household are showing any symptoms of COVID-19 or if you are self isolating. Entry will be on the understanding that anyone persistently coughing or displaying other possible COVID symptoms may be asked to leave. Anyone coughing or sneezing must do so into a disposable tissue, or something similar (and dispose of), or into the crook of their elbow.
NHS guide to self isolation

Face Coverings

Under new guidance from 29/11/2021 face coverings are now strongly advised again and COMPULSORY on instructed sessions.
This is to protect our staff (as well as you!). Disposable masks are available from reception if you forget yours!
Staff will continue to wear masks at all times unless they are behind the reception screens.
You don’t have to wear it whilst your actually climbing though.

Social Distancing
Although social distancing restrictions are being lifted, many people will still be feeling anxious so please be respectful and maintain social distancing where possible.

Regular washing and sanitising of hands
Unlike ‘normal’ gyms where the equipment can be cleaned after each use, climbing walls will have to sanitise the climbers rather than the ropes and holds etc.

To enable this we will have sanitising stations on entry and at other points in the centre, but we will rely on customers using their own sanitiser throughout their session, ideally before and after climbing a route.

We will have small personal bottles of sanitiser (with a mini karabiner) and refills available at reception for a nominal fee. We have tested these and reckon that each bottle is good for around 100 goes.

In case you are wondering, tests have shown that hand sanitiser has no detrimental effect on ropes and harnesses.
There has been a lot of talk regarding liquid chalk; you are welcome to use it but only in addition to sanitising as liquid chalk is not something that you would use after a route. Rock On has a good stock of this if you want to try it.

Incidentally, a soon-to-be-published study seems to indicate that climbing chalk is very effective at de-activating viruses very quickly, which would be great news for climbers!

Signing in
Please also use the NHS Test and Trace APP and scan the QR code on entry.

Changing Rooms
Changing rooms are open. Please be respectful of peoples space!

Hire Equipment
All hire equipment will be available as usual.

Rock On Shop
The Rock On shop will be back to its normal opening hours. Rock On are also still kindly asking customers to wear a mask or face covering in the shop.

Opening hours
Our ‘normal’ hours will still be 10am till 10pm on weekdays and 10am till 6pm at weekends and bank holidays. We may review our opening hours based on demand, we will update these on the website.

Café and reception restrictions
We are currently selling cuppas, cakes, pre-packed snacks and bottled drinks. We hope to get back to a full service soon.

Key touchable surfaces will be wiped down frequently with appropriate cleaning products.
Even with our regular cleaning we strongly recommend that you sanitise your hands regularly and avoid touching your face.

Something to consider..
For those of you that haven’t belayed or tied in for a while, please feel free to ask us to check that you can remember the necessary skills.

If you haven’t built a home climbing wall and been training throughout lockdown, please be kind to yourself when you start climbing again. You might not equal your personal best on day one. Remember to warm up and take things easy to start with.

Post-lockdown, you will be allowed to add a grade to every route if it makes you happy

We are not making additions to our Conditions of Use to accommodate the risk that COVID-19 poses, although we have added it to our own Risk Assessments, it is a fact of life now and anyone taking part in the activity will be assumed to accept this as a risk (along with gravity)