Date(s) - Saturday 9th September, 2017
10:00 am - 4:00 pm


What is Bouldering Outdoors

Bouldering outdoors is a form of rock climbing. The climber doesn’t need a rope, as bouldering is practised on small cliffs and boulders usually less then 5 metres in height with a crashpad for safety. Bouldering is a popular aspect of rock climbing as it doesn’t require all the technical equipment involved in roped climbing and it’s really fun.

What is involved:

  • A fun day Bouldering
  • Guide book use, locating boulders and boulder problems
  • Good use of bouldering matts, safe spotting, landing/falling
  • Reading routes and movement skills
  • Environmental awareness and ethic


Course Date Location Cost
May 7th 2017 Peak District £60 Booking Enquiry
Sept 9th 2017 Peak District £60 Booking Enquiry