Date(s) - Thursday 14th June, 2018
10:00 am - 12:30 pm

Redpoint Climbing Centre


Workshop – Reducing Anxiety at the wall
(and replacing it with something better)

What can I expect?

Make lasting changes to how you think and feel
Explore lessons from the world of Neuro Linguistic Programming and within the context of climbing
Multi-levelled approach, some work will happen at the conscious level, and some of the work will happen on the unconscious level
Learn more about yourself through the use of guided meditation and some practical exercises to allow you to feel calm and in control

How will it be delivered?

Low ratio so that the needs of the group can be met and the session can go at a pace that suits everyone
Hosted in a private room and does not involve climbing or bouldering
No cold calling. People will not be put on the spot or asked to speak in front of the group
Communication used to suit all learning and listening styles
Questions and participation throughout is welcome
There will also be time allocated at the end for questions and answers

These courses are run by Tom Powell who is a Bristol based Climbing Coach.
He is a master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming & Hypnotherapy, & studies Non Violent Communication. He works with climbers and people who wish to overcome their anxiety or phobias. Tom has also recently had a popular article published on “Climbing and Social Fears”