The Rock Monkey climbing clubs at Redpoint are very popular with all ages of kids from 5 to 17  and are renowned for the quality of instruction and small group sizes.

With the help of our instructors your child’s movement, balance, co-ordination, strength and confidence will improve and if continued will create independent climbers who will continue enjoying climbing into adulthood.

Many of our climbers age 7+ follow the Redpoint Climbing Scheme (RCS). This scheme provides our young climbers with the opportunity to follow a structured and logged progression, motivating new climbers to develop their skills so that they get the most out of their climbing and have their achievements recognised.

More info on our Rock Monkey Clubs

Rock Monkeys (School Holidays)
Daily during School Holidays
1.5 hr session (12.30pm - 2pm)
£ 13 / person
Booking enquiry
Rock Monkeys (Weekends)
Saturdays and Sundays
10.30 am - 12.30 pm or 1pm to 3pm
£ 17 / person
Booking enquiry