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Weekends & Bank Holidays 10am - 6pm

Redpoint’s 11th Birthday Bash

JOIN US FOR OUR 11th PARTY!!! on FEBRUARY 2nd 2019

Fun climbing events during the day

Followed by an amazing UV Black Out Event

Then our legendary party night.

Rough schedule of events below


Vertigo traverse (now on top rope) (from 12pm till end of black out event)
Speed Climb (12pm – 2pm)
Hug a fridge! (All day)
Partner bouldering challenge (All day)
Hands off / Feet off bouldering (All day)
Giant climbing Jenga (All day)
Climbing Twister (All day)
Fun traverse (All day)
Sponsored raffle routes (All day)
Fig 4 routes (All day)

UV BLACK OUT EVENT (6pm – 8pm)
Bigger and better.
Remember to put your flourescent clothes on and bring some UV paint and glow sticks!
Spot Prizes for best costume face/body paint

PARTY TILL LATE (8pm – 2pm)
Great music and dancing with licensed bar

Auto Belay wall reset

Auto Belays

The wall on panel 50/51 has just had a great reset for all those using the Auto Belay.

Traditionally, top rope climbing involves two people – the climber and the belayer. That means you can’t climb without a partner!

An auto belay is an automatic device that eliminates the need for a human belayer.

The auto belay takes up the slack as a climber ascends and controls the descent when the climber reaches the top or in the event of a fall.

  • Great for solo climbers: With an auto belay you don’t need to rely on having a partner every time you visit.
  • Provides a unique endurance training tool: Using an auto belay gives you the ability to climb up and down routes continuously without the need to take turns with a climbing partner.

Using the Auto Belay

  • You must be a current over 16 member of Redpoint Climbing Centre and have read understood and signed to confirm acceptance of the safety instructions
  • Or be under instruction by an instructor
  • All under 16 users must be supervised by a competent adult or instructor

School Holiday Climbing

We’ve got climbing sessions running all summer. Including our Rock Monkeys kids club, family sessions or private kids sessions for 4 or more.

New Routes

Date Reset




Top Rope / Lead

15/07/24 21 5a Orange & Black Spots TR/L
15/07/24 21 6a White TR/L
15/07/24 21 5b+ Tufa Direct TR/L
15/07/24 21 6b Red TR/L
15/07/24 3 7b Red TR
11/07/24 20 5a+ Yellow TR/L
11/07/24 20 6c Green TR/L
03/07/24 65 4 Pink/Green TR
03/07/24 65 5a+ Green TR
03/07/24 66 5a Purple TR
03/07/24 67 5a Pink TR
03/07/24 67 6a Yellow TR
24/06/24 9 5b Green TR/L
24/06/24 9 5c Red TR/L
24/06/24 9 6b+ Yellow TRL
20/06/24 3 4+ Pink/Green TR
20/06/24 3 6a Blue TR
20/06/24 3 6a+ Orange TR
20/06/24 3 6c Measles TR
14/06/24 49 5b+ Yellow TR/L
14/06/24 49 6a Blue TR/L
14/06/24 49 6b Orange TR/L
14/06/24 49 6c+ White TR/L
13/06/24 1 6a+ Black/Orange TR
12/06/24 2 4+ Green TR
12/06/24 2 6a Yellow TR
12/06/24 2 6b Pink TR
12/06/24 2 6c+ Sand TR
05/06/24 Stalactite West 7a+ Green L
05/06/24 Auto Belay 6a+ Sand Auto Belay
03/06/24 Stalactite East 5a White TR/L
03/06/24 Stalactite East 5c Pink TR/L
03/06/24 Stalactite East 6a Turquoise TR/L

Charity Abseils

We're really happy to be supporting many great charities again this year on their sponsered abseils.
These are always fun events where we meet the most amazing people making a difference raising money for charities close to their hearts.

It all starts on July 6th with the annual Leicester Hospital abseil



Mobile Climbing Wall

Whatever your event our Mobile Climbing Wall can bring the thrill and excitement of climbing to your venue. Our wall has 4 lines and is suitable for both outdoor and indoor events as long as you have enough height and suitable access.

Winter Bouldering Challenge – Great fun

I'ts all over until next time but our fun bouldering challenge was great fun with problems for everyone to get stuck into.

Well done to everyone who took part and we hope you enjoyed the problems.


Winter Climbing Challenge – Finished til next time

What a fantastic challenge it was this year. The routesetters set 40 newroutes for everyone to test themselves on. The feed back about the routes this year was excellent.
The routes have all been graded now if your interested about what grade you managed to climb. They are still up if there is one that you never got to try or you are projecting some of them.

UV Night was a fun evening

The centre looked amazing again at the UV night on 17th Feb. A UV wonderland with climbers enjoying all the fluro routes and the amazing vertigo traverse. It does look spectacular all lit up!

Redpoint’s 16th Birthday – Another legendary party!

Come and join us on Saturday 10th February for a fun day in with loads of climbing activities and challenges. From lead comps, crazy bouldering obstacle courses, hug a fridge challenge as well as the legendary Vertigo Traverse.

Booking Enquiry – Private Taster

Climbing Gift Vouchers!

A rock climbing voucher is an exciting gift for any occasion.
Vouchers can be redeemed for lessons or entry to the centre if your'e more experienced.
Vouchers are available for our indoor centre and for our exciting outdoor courses.

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