Xmas Opening

Have a great Christmas and New Year everyone

We are open as normal except for:-

Xmas eve – Open 10am – 6pm
Xmas Day – Closed
Boxing Day – Closed
New Years Eve – Open 10am – 6pm
New Years Day – Closed

We hope all your New Year climbing resolutions come true for 2019.

New Online Gift Vouchers!

Do you know someone that would love the gift of something climbing related but not sure of what to get them?

Let us take the hassle out of choosing and give them a Redpoint Birmingham gift voucher!

Yoga for Climbers

Yoga for Climbers

Hello, my name is Anja and I am excited to welcome you to my page of all things yoga and mindfulness. Yoga supports me with everything I do whether it is helping with my flexibility and core strength with my Climbing and Pole Fitness hobbies or with my focus when I read my books or knit my new scarf. Yoga for me is a lifestyle without which I could not function. Yoga is a journey – you might find yourself in a pose that you haven’t been able to do before but you will notice that the options to take your practice further whether it is in a form of asana (poses), meditation, pranayama (breathing) or anything else are endless.

Throughout my own yoga practice journey it became apparent to me that I wanted to share the amazing feeling and benefits I receive from yoga with others. My philosophy as a yoga practitioner and a teacher is to respect my body, to always listen to the mind and the breath and work to the level where I am today. Because that is exactly where I need to be. And to top it all off add a huge sprinkle of fun!

On this site you will not only find the timetable and booking for my weekly classes and workshops but you will also find inspirational blog posts, videos and motivational quotes to hopefully get you on your mat every day.

I hope you will find inspiration on this site to deepen your yoga practice.

Yoga for Climbers

Yoga is wonderful for everyone offering many well being benefits to body and mind.
Regular yoga practice can be a great for your climbing.

Some benefits include:-
  • Preventing injury
  • Improving core strength
  • Enhancing endurance
  • Deepening flexibility and focus
Try a class to discover how Yoga can benefit you.

Auto Belay back in action

Auto Belays

We now have the auto belay in permanent use on panel 50/51.

Traditionally, top rope climbing involves two people – the climber and the belayer. That means you can’t climb without a partner!

An auto belay is an automatic device that eliminates the need for a human belayer.

The auto belay takes up the slack as a climber ascends and controls the descent when the climber reaches the top or in the event of a fall.

  • Great for solo climbers: With an auto belay you don’t need to rely on having a partner every time you visit.
  • Provides a unique endurance training tool: Using an auto belay gives you the ability to climb up and down routes continuously without the need to take turns with a climbing partner.

Using the Auto Belay

  • You must be a current over 18 member of Redpoint Climbing Centre and have read and signed to confirm acceptance of the safety instructions
  • Or under instruction by an instructor
  • All under 18 users must be supervised by a competent adult or instructor


The GRIGRI Tour is back! Redpoint is delighted to be partnering with Petzl this autumn for the 2018 GRIGRI Tour.

The Art Of Belaying!

Taking place at Redpoint Climbing Centre Birmingham on Monday October 15th these workshops and fun sessions will offer the chance to discover the latest VERSO, REVERSO, GRIGRI and GRIGRI+ and to acquire the right technique when belaying. It will also give you the opportunity to ask our team your questions and maybe grab some free goodies along the way.

You might even become the next ‘Worlds Best Belayer’ Ray Verseau!

Practical Clinics

“Meet the GRIGRI Family”

Master fundamental belay technique. Apply this technique to the GRIGRI2 and GRIGRI+ belay devices and learn more about their correct use. Belaying with these two devices will no longer be a mystery!

“Dynamic Belaying” 

Providing a dynamic belay is an art form! Learn the right technique to provide a soft and reassuring catch for your partner.

“Slack Race” 

A fun race where two “belayer / runner” teams compete. The runner has to complete a course in record time by clipping quickdraws along the way, while the belayer feeds slack with a GRIGRI… without ever placing their runner in danger! On your marks, get set, go!

You can book for the workshops during the day until 5pm, after this time workshops will be open to everyone on a first come first serve basis.

Like the devices on test? RockOn will also be attending the event, enabling you to purchase any of the Petzl devices used during the workshops. You’ll be able to ask the retail staff further questions and also pair your new belay device with an appropriate belay specific karabiner.

August Bank Holiday

Bank Holiday Opening Times

Sunday 26th August 10am – 6pm

Monday 27th August 10am – 6pm

Mobile Climbing Wall

Whatever your event our Mobile Climbing Wall can bring the thrill and excitement of climbing to your venue. Our wall has 4 lines and is suitable for both outdoor and indoor events as long as you have enough height and suitable access.

Redpoint Climbing Scheme

Redpoint have created this logbook scheme (RCS) to provide structured development in physical climbing abilities alongside technical skills in rope-work and climbing equipment.

Delivered by qualified and accredited instructors, the scheme is designed to enable young and novice climbers to develop their skills and track their progress at their own pace and level in all aspects of the exciting sport of rock climbing.

Developed to meet the requirements of GCSE syllabi, the scheme can also be used as a record of achievement for D of E and other awards.

The scheme consists of 7 Levels with additional bolt-on modules. Progress the scheme will depend not only on ability but also on physical and emotional maturity.

Outdoor courses (Peak District)

The Peak District has so much amazing climbing on its many gritstone edges making it an ideal place for beginner and advanced climbers alike. It has a massive number of climbs to choose from on rock that is renowned for its frition, all within a short distance from the road.


Holiday Rock Monkeys

The Rock Monkey climbing clubs at Redpoint are very popular with all ages of kids from 5 to 17  and are renowned for the quality of instruction and small group sizes.

With the help of our instructors your child’s movement, balance, co-ordination, strength and confidence will improve and if continued will create independent climbers who will continue enjoying climbing into adulthood.

Many of our climbers age 7+ follow the Redpoint Climbing Scheme (RCS). This scheme provides our young climbers with the opportunity to follow a structured and logged progression, motivating new climbers to develop their skills so that they get the most out of their climbing and have their achievements recognised.

More info on our Rock Monkey Clubs

Rock Monkeys (School Holidays)
Daily during School Holidays
1.5 hr session (12.30pm - 2pm)
£ 13 / person
Booking enquiry
Rock Monkeys (Weekends)
Saturdays and Sundays
10.30 am - 12.30 pm or 1pm to 3pm
£ 17 / person
Booking enquiry
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