Learn to move

Our climbing coaches will help those who are very new to climbing and bouldering, or for those who would like to go over the fundamental skills of climbing movement.

Pre requirements

None,  just a willingness to improve your climbing

What's involved

Week 1 – Hold identification, movement skills, balance and centre of gravity
Week 2 – Efficient use of footwork
Week 3 – The secrets of climbing on steeper ground
Week 4 – Route reading and efficient climbing movement

Learn To Move
4 week course
Starts on the first Wednesday of each month
Fundamental skills of climbing movement
Advanced booking required
£ 52 / person
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climbing coaches

1:1 Coaching

Initial Analysis

During your initial 1.5 hour analysis your coach will be watching you climb on a variety  of routes or problems to assess your climbing. Together we will be finding out information to pin down your technical, tactical, physical and psychological strengths and weaknesses in order to  help you achieve your short and long term climbing goals.

Your coach will give you constructive feedback on how you can improve your overall climbing performance and at the end of the session you will have personal climbing goals and achievement strategies, this may include a 6-8 week periodised training plan if applicable.

After your analysis session your coach will advise you on any optional follow up sessions, these can be arranged with your coach after the first session.

1.5 hour analysis
Climbing assessment
Personalised plan
Book a time to suit you
Advanced booking required
£ 54 / person
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