Taster Climbing Session
Join a group of like-minded people fora climbing taster
Instructor and all equipment included
1 hour session
Minimum age 16*
You can book a scheduled taster via our partner Yuup by following the link below. Or you can give us a ring on 0121 359 1777
£ 15 / per person
Book On Line

Rock climbing isn’t just a great alternative to the gym. It’s a fun and social activity that gives a good workout at any fitness level. As you’re climbing, you have to focus entirely on the climb in front of you. This is a great way to increase concentration and still the mind. If you struggle to be present at the best of times, this taster will open your eyes up to a whole new world.

This exhilarating climbing experience offers both a physical and mental challenge. Even better, it can be tailored to whatever level is appropriate for you.

You’ll be on Redpoint’s tall walls up to 35ft high and their low-level bouldering wall, trying to work out the sequence their many colour coded climbs.

You will be fully supervised by one of Redpoint’s qualified instructors. Nothing makes them happier than introducing people to the world of climbing. Looking for a new and exciting experience that you can try on your own, as a family, or with friends? Then you have to give this a go, and have an awesome time doing it!

* Under 16s. Please contact us for options. Our Rock Monkey sessions may be ideal.

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