The GRIGRI Tour is back! Redpoint is delighted to be partnering with Petzl this autumn for the 2018 GRIGRI Tour.

The Art Of Belaying!

Taking place at Redpoint Climbing Centre Birmingham on Monday October 15th these workshops and fun sessions will offer the chance to discover the latest VERSO, REVERSO, GRIGRI and GRIGRI+ and to acquire the right technique when belaying. It will also give you the opportunity to ask our team your questions and maybe grab some free goodies along the way.

You might even become the next ‘Worlds Best Belayer’ Ray Verseau!

Practical Clinics

“Meet the GRIGRI Family”

Master fundamental belay technique. Apply this technique to the GRIGRI2 and GRIGRI+ belay devices and learn more about their correct use. Belaying with these two devices will no longer be a mystery!

“Dynamic Belaying” 

Providing a dynamic belay is an art form! Learn the right technique to provide a soft and reassuring catch for your partner.

“Slack Race” 

A fun race where two “belayer / runner” teams compete. The runner has to complete a course in record time by clipping quickdraws along the way, while the belayer feeds slack with a GRIGRI… without ever placing their runner in danger! On your marks, get set, go!

You can book for the workshops during the day until 5pm, after this time workshops will be open to everyone on a first come first serve basis.

Like the devices on test? RockOn will also be attending the event, enabling you to purchase any of the Petzl devices used during the workshops. You’ll be able to ask the retail staff further questions and also pair your new belay device with an appropriate belay specific karabiner.