Top rope climbing

At Redpoint we have 55 Top-ropes up to 12.5m vertical height.

Grades from 2+ to 7c+ in all manner of shapes and sizes.

Our crafty designs mean that even on a top-rope you can climb plenty of exciting routes and gain the experience and the confidence to make the leap into leading if you fancy it.

Competent adult climbers are welcome to use the Top Rope climbing areas.

If you are new to Top Rope climbing you should book a learn to climb course or be supervised by a competent adult.

Lead Climbing

Redpoint has dedicated leading walls with grades from 3+ to 8b+.

We also have 31 of our top-roped routes fully equipped with quickdraws and separate lower-offs, so you can lead anything that takes your fancy!

When there's room, you can try some extensions to the routes or even make up your own and enjoy the adventure!

Due to the shape of Redpoint we have some unique lead routes that offer spectacular climbing wandering around the centre under arches, over overhangs, across bridges, around stalactites etc

Competent adult climbers are welcome to use the lead climbing areas.

If you are new to lead climbing you should book a lead climbing course or be accompanied by a competent adult.

I want to learn to Top Rope

Join us for a taster lesson to find out what climbing is all about or learn the skills to be be able to climb independently at the centre.

I want to learn to Lead Climb

Many climbers find it challenging to make the leap from top rope climber to lead climber. This course takes you safely through all the pitfalls of lead climbing on an indoor wall and opens up a whole array of new routes for you to enjoy.

Route setting at Redpoint

Our climbing routes and boulder problems are the most important part of providing a great facility for our members.

We pride ourselves on providing regularly re-set interesting routes and problems by our very experienced in-house setters.